5 Takeaways For Content Marketers in the Time of Covid-19

5 Takeaways For Content Marketers in the Time of Covid-19
Content Marketing Oct 07, 2023

COVID-19 is transforming how the members of the world communities are engaging with each other. The cloud has become the go-to venue for entertainment, learning, and work.

Content marketing and coronavirus are related in the sense that the virus is contributing to the transition from in-person work to cloud collaboration, and marketers play a vital role in this transformation.

Content marketing in Malaysia is experiencing a rapid surge in response to the demand for content ranging from data-based analytics to stories of resilience. Amidst all this, it is critical to engage in responsible marketing during coronavirus. Marketing professionals should consider the following essential takeaways.

Important Takeaways for Content Marketers

1. Contribute To Rebuilding Efforts

To deal with the staggering number of infections and fatalities, content marketers can play a critical role and help rebuild the economy. Though not suffering as much as the worst-affected nations, Malaysia is integrated into the global economy and has a vital role to play in the recovery efforts. Content marketing should contribute to the rebuilding efforts with valuable information for all the stakeholders of the economy.

For instance, Stanford University is hosting the Rebuild program for global stakeholders to come forward and develop solutions as part of the recovery efforts.

2. Help Prevent COVID-19 Infection

Stories abound in the media portraying the suffering associated with COVID-19 infections. Marketers should help individuals and organizations make wise decisions by not putting the community at risk of COVID-19.

Content should state practices for individuals and organizations, and provide information on resources to address their doubts or questions.

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Responsible marketing during coronavirus is also about helping prevent the spread of COVID-19. Safe practices include sanitization, using personal protective equipment (masks and gloves), and social distancing.

3. Make Working From Home Fun

Working from home has become a reality for many individuals and professionals. Since COVID-19 restrictions require people to maintain social distancing, individuals and professionals are adapting to working from home. This practice is a transformation of in-person office work. Employees collaborate on the cloud, where all the tools for accomplishing tasks are available. These include simple word-processing tools to sophisticated software for analytics and business functions.

Content should not only share stories of people who have made the transition to working on the cloud but also approaches, techniques, and tools for accomplishing work on the cloud. Zoom has emerged as one of the most popular tools for collaboration on the cloud.

Though people may be working alone from their homes, storytelling helps lift their energy levels.

4. Promote Collaboration For A Stronger Together

One of the emerging themes for the post-COVID-19 world is stronger together. Experts from different industry sectors are collaborating on platforms like Herox for developing software and other technologies on the cloud.

Content writing in Malaysia is part of this shared global vision to create a better future for humanity. This stance allows for dealing with the crisis and becoming a resilient and healthier society.

5. Share Resources

COVID-19 challenged our ability to solve problems as a species, and the response is astounding. Individuals and organizations from all walks of life have come together to deploy additional resources to good use.

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Shared resources include free online shops, donations, and no-cost subscriptions for continuing economic activity.

Experts such as healthcare providers are coming forward to provide telehealth services for helping people stay healthy or deal with mental health challenges while in self-isolation or lockdown.


During this trying period, content marketers are helping create a sizeable impact by not only being responsible for promoting solutions but also by connecting the stakeholders of the economy.

Content marketers in Malaysia are part of the global community of stakeholders dedicated to helping the economy recover from the COVID-19 crisis. Besides helping share resources for enabling people to collaborate on the cloud and storytelling, content producers are also responsible for inspiring people to adopt safe practices for minimizing the spread of coronavirus.

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