The Ultimate Guide to Posting The Right Kind of Content on LinkedIn in 2023 an Beyond

The Ultimate Guide to Posting The Right Kind of Content on LinkedIn in 2023 an Beyond
Content Marketing Oct 07, 2023

LinkedIn is a powerful resource for businesses. Initially, it was considered a commercial networking site, but today, it is one of the core components in lead generation and B2B content marketing strategy.

With more than 772 million users in over two hundred countries, this platform's growth presents numerous opportunities to push your brand to the next level. However, many companies are not active on this robust network, while others do not use it effectively.

If you are not getting business from this site, you need to ask yourself, are you posting the right kind of content on LinkedIn?


The Top 3 Benefits of LinkedIn in Content Marketing

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The nature of this platform makes it the most effective social channel for B2B content marketing.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, about 96% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for organic social media marketing in 2020. It is the most potent channel for content distribution.

Knowing the best types of content to post on LinkedIn can help you leverage this network and enjoy unique benefits not available on other social media sites.

1. Targeted-Audience for More Qualified Leads

Whether you are marketing your products, services, or brand in general, there is no better platform to help you connect with potential leads. The most impressive thing about Linkedin is that it makes it possible for organizations to find a top-notch business audience consistently.

You can access all sizes of business and different levels of corporations' organizational structure. With the ability to search on users' job titles, B2B companies can easily reach the decision-makers or those who influence purchasing decisions.

A reliable content writing agency for businesses can help you create a compelling copy targeted at the individuals you need to expand your business.

2. Improve Your Content Strategies

The site offers more than a place for content publishing. Here, you can find valuable resources shared by other firms.

Following other companies in your industry can help you learn and keep up with the latest trends. LinkedIn is also an invaluable resource you can use to help improve your content creation in 2021.

It is a good place to find reference pieces when developing a marketing strategy or adding a unique spin to your content.

3. Build Brand Trust

There is no greater way to portray yourself as an expert in your niche than by developing trust. Regularly posting well-researched, insightful, and engaging content as part of your B2B content marketing strategy can be valuable for your business.

You can also join online discussions to show your expertise. Unlike the content you may publish on other channels, LinkedIn content stands a chance of getting patronage from other business professionals.

This can build your reputation more effectively as compared to other free and paid advertising outlets.

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of using LinkedIn in your marketing strategy, you may want to know what to post and the best LinkedIn content marketing tips.


Different Types of Content to Post on LinkedIn

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1. Articles and Blog Posts

Publishing a thought-provoking post or article on this platform is an excellent way to create brand awareness, enhance your reach, and spark engagement.

However, your content needs to offer value to the audience and demonstrate your business and industry expertise and knowledge. Besides having high-quality, your articles should be unique and relevant.

Creating valuable and premium quality content consistently is often a challenge for many businesses. This is where a content writing agency for businesses comes in!

If you are a B2B company in need of informative and successful LinkedIn content tailored to your brand voice, you should consider agencies with refined skills and updated on the best practices.

2. Third-Party Content

LinkedIn users are always looking for informative and valuable content related to their industry. Sometimes initiating conversations and building relationships may mean talking about something outside your brand.

You can share research-based reports, case studies, and white papers. One of the best LinkedIn strategies in 2021 is ensuring that your target audience associates you with valuable information. When this happens, they will probably view your original content.

3. Graphics and Photos

Images do an excellent job at making a point or providing information at a glance. Sharing graphics and photos can help B2B companies show off their personality.

An attractive and captivating photo taken at your workplace or business event will likely gain lots of attention on LinkedIn. Additionally, companies can promote and distribute their industry-relevant infographics on this platform to drive engagement while directing traffic to a landing page or website at the same time.

4. Text Only

Although visual content may quickly capture the audience's attention, it can impede crucial information in the content's textual part. Sometimes, content containing text only can be an ideal way to grab an individual's attention.

Recent studies show that how-to and list-style LinkedIn posts get the most attention on this platform. To acquire maximum benefits from your LinkedIn strategy in 2021, you need to focus on topics that encourage professional growth, productivity, and leadership success.

5. Videos

Promotional videos appear directly on the news feed as independent posts, making it easy for individuals to see them. However, you should upload native videos directly on LinkedIn instead of embedding links from other sites.

Adding a call-to-action button on the video post will get people to download, register for an event, or even get you more leads. Organizations can post videos featuring company news, events, products, and culture.


Additional LinkedIn Content Marketing Tips

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1. Optimize Your Content For Search Engines

In addition to enhancing your business profile and creating informative and compelling copy, your LinkedIn content should be well-optimized for search engines.

This includes adding relevant keywords, using persuasive meta descriptions, proper title and heading tags, location-specific phrases, as well as link optimization to help improve ranking on search engines.

The content must make your business look professional and human to the audience.

2. Know Your Audience

Understanding your audience is a vital element in the success of any LinkedIn content marketing strategy. The platform provides essential statistical data that gives you insights into the audience, identifying their traits.

It helps to know the type of people who visit your page and the type of content that interests them. B2B companies can use this information to target their content to the right audience, optimize their investment return, and measure impact.

3. Make Proper Use Of LinkedIn Community Features

LinkedIn offers several community features that enable you to expand your connections and interact with clients, partners, or other users.

Groups allow individuals with similar interests to make business contacts, share content, view and post job openings, and portray themselves as industry experts. There is also a forum for brands to establish authentic relationships with their audience.

LinkedIn influencers are also essential features for connecting with other thought leaders.

4. Boosting Your Content Marketing Strategy

There are numerous ways B2B companies can use this network to make their content marketing strategy more connected, dynamic, and valuable to the target audience.

Determining the ultimate goal of your LinkedIn content can help you develop a more informed marketing technique. Additionally, it would help if you set practical goals and an appropriate posting schedule.

Experts recommend three to four status updates every week and one or two long-form content posts per month to maintain an ideal balance for your LinkedIn connections.



LinkedIn offers an excellent opportunity for B2B companies to connect with potential clients, employees, and influencers, drive website traffic, and boost lead-generation efforts.

To use this platform effectively in your marketing strategy, you need a comprehensive knowledge of your target audience and what interests them. You must also know the kind of content they will find valuable enough to click and engage.

Working with an AI content writing tool in Malaysia and Singapore, like Hotcopy, can help you generate a compelling LinkedIn copy. 

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