Lead Generation Content: Top 10 Content Types to Roll Out in 2021

Lead Generation Content: Top 10 Content Types to Roll Out in 2021
Content Marketing Oct 07, 2023

The online business space is a competitive one. Think of it this way: There are millions of businesses selling the same products and services.

Therefore, a business that wants to succeed must think out of the box to boost its sales in a cutthroat environment.


One sure way is by generating leads using the right type of content. If a business struggles to find the best lead generation content for companies in Malaysia, this article will offer some workable solutions.


10 best lead generation content for companies in Malaysia


1. Gated Infographics

Another name for gated infographics is locked infographics. It's a magnet for leads because the information therein is so easy to digest.

Providing an enticing snippet of the infographic is the best way to go. In other words, only provide a brief introduction and hide the rest of the information.

That way, readers will want to know more about what the infographic contains, and for them to access it, they must fill in a form. The form will collect details such as email addresses and names, which will come in handy for future marketing.

Wondering where to start? You can outsource this task to a professional B2C content writing service in Singapore or Malaysia. They will be able to produce top-notch gated infographics without you needing to lift a finger.


2. Progress Wheels

Sign-up processes can be downright boring, which is why many users avoid doing so. However, progress wheels make this a little bit more fun and interesting by showing potential clients their performance while they fill up their information.

For instance, when typing in the details, a website can give a certain percentage to show how far an individual has attained, i.e., 75% will be shown on the progress wheel when you've provided 3 out of 4 required information.

The goal of this lead generation method should be collecting contact details. Now, most people would like to see a 100% or 5/5 for a sense of accomplishment.

A website that successfully uses this method is Hubspot. The steps to completing the wheel are easy since they ask one question at a time.


3. Writing Ebooks

Ebook is a marketing tool that isn’t salesy at all, and perhaps that is why its ability to generate leads is so powerful. It offers useful and educative information that clients can use in their everyday life.

And it doesn’t matter what industry a business is in; any organization can offer ebooks to their clients for free information.

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One of the best places to promote an ebook is the landing page. To get a free download, visitors must leave their email addresses, and that's how a business gains a lead.

Just like that, you will get more potential customers to market to in the future.

One sure way to produce top-of-the-range ebooks is to use a B2B content writing service in Singapore and Malaysia. Such companies know the ins and outs of writing ebooks professionally.

The Content Marketing Institute is one of the companies that have used ebooks to generate leads. They place them on their landing pages and have a simple signup process for visitors to leave their contact details.


4. Case Studies

Case studies include testimonials, metric charts, or statistics. These help buyers make comparisons with other brands within your niche before they make that purchase decision.

The best studies show clients how your products or services can help customers’ businesses.

Neil Patel is an example of a brand that uses case studies to generate leads successfully. The British marketing guru has used the method to increase his sales by 70%.


5. White Papers

White papers are perfect for targeting the big shots in a company. Think CEOs, CFOs, Founders, and top managers.

White papers are authoritative and persuasive reports that provide solutions for common problems.

According to a survey done by Eccolo Media, respondents believe that whitepapers are the most effective form of content in this initial sales phase as they help clarify the problem they are facing.

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Search Engine Journals uses white papers as one of their top lead generation methods to make more sales. Although theirs are quite lengthy, they also provide short summaries letting readers know what lies ahead.


6. How-to Guides

Who doesn't enjoy stumbling upon a guide that helps them learn how to use a product or service?

Guides are yet another one of Hubspot's top ways to generate leads. This company knows that they're doing with summaries explaining what their guides offer.

There are many types of guides that a business can choose to utilize to attract potential consumers. Examples include detailed descriptions, how-tos, advanced guides, beginner’s guides, you name it.

Again, this is one area where a business could benefit from using a B2C content writing service in Singapore and Malaysia. You just need to have a sharp eye to spot the qualities of the best content agency that fits your business goals.


7. Webinars

Webinars are live videos that offer a great way for audiences to interact with a business. However, bear in mind that they require quite a lot of effort in preparation and promotion.

This is yet another method that Hubspot uses to acquire leads. They place webinar promotions and sign-ups on landing pages for the best conversion.

If you are a beginner in this area, it's best to contact a professional content marketing agency for help. They do all the heavy lifting, i.e., writing promo copies, using relevant hashtags, allocating proper time zones, and bringing engaging content to readers' eyes.


8. Spreadsheet Templates

Spreadsheets are sometimes cumbersome to create unless you are a big fan of formulas, cells, and numbers. However, if you are a marketing wizard, you’d need them to store, sort, filter data, and conduct simple analytics.

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Offering free spreadsheet templates can therefore help target leads. Again, Hubspot excels in this area. Users who wish to use the spreadsheets have to leave their contact details, and that's how the company gets leads.


9. Product Trials and Freemiums

Buyers like to test out products before making a purchase decision. Most software companies use this method to offer free trials for their premium products.

Examples of such companies include antivirus software like Kaspersky. Once a client signs up for the free product or trial, they’ll need to provide contact details, and that's how they get leads for future marketing.

When the free trial period comes to an end, clients who do not want to lose the benefits the product offers will pay for the premium products. See why this is yet another one of the best lead generation ideas?


10. Demos

"Demo" is short for demonstration, and it shows clients how to use products or services. To book a demo session, the company would ask for some basic contact information and the nature of your business.

Even if the clients don't click on "buy" or "download" there and then, companies still can market to them later on.

Most software companies use demos, and a good example is Salesforce, which continually uses the method described above to generate leads.



Knowing the best lead generation content for companies in Malaysia can help propel a business to greater heights. Webinars, case studies, progress wheels, ebooks, whitepapers, and spreadsheet templates are some of the best content types to generate leads in 2021.

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